“Behind the Curtain” — Background for the “No Confidence” Vote

by uncivpro

In anticipation of the faculty’s upcoming “no confidence” vote on senior-level administrators’ management of the university, Uncivil Procedure is proud to post the Campus Rights Project’s report Behind the Curtain: Birgeneau, Breslauer, and LeGrande’s Past Response to Student Protest and Police Violence. Read the cited emails here; read through the original 300 pages of administrators’ emails here. The report and emails provide an illuminating glance at these administrators’ hostility towards student activists, their partisan support of UCPD, and their adept use of the university’s public relations apparatus to justify police violence against students.

Uncivil Procedure‘s favorite: “[W]e need to find a new word other than ‘activists’ to describe the protestors; that descriptor gives them too much gravitas. I prefer: intruders, occupiers, and/or protesters. Also, assuming everything goes according to plan, I would like a quote expressing my admiration for the very professional way in which the police managed to apprehend and remove the illegal occupiers.” Chancellor Birgeneau, December 10, 2009; email to George Breslauer, Claire Holmes, Janet Gilmore, et al.